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Why women photographers should embrace their femininity?

Updated: Mar 3, 2018

The stereotypical image of a photographer used to be a man. With a bulky camera and various other equipment on his back, he would use technical expertise to shoot. But fast forward to the 21st century, we no longer have this impression of a photographer.

A photographer is not just someone with technical expertise. A photographer is also someone who you’re able to connect with, who you feel comfortable around, and who comprehends your vision.

While the industry remains infested with gender inequality, women photographers thrive when they can use femininity to their advantage. From our experience, we found that women photographers are indeed preferred when they do so.

It is no surprise that a woman tends to romanticise her wedding day. Whether she wants a traditional photoshoot or a cheesy Bollywood inspired wedding video, it is the bride that feels more invested in a wedding. A woman photographer, especially one who is married and been through the process, is, therefore, able to bond with the bride.

Perhaps it’s about tips on how to carry herself in the elaborate wedding lengha, the pain of having to walk in heels the whole night, or last-minute feelings of nervousness? By getting to know the bride on a deeper level beyond the normal photographer-client relationship, there’s a certain level of comfort between the duo.

This puts the woman photographer in a better position to understand the bride’s needs, execute her vision, and capture stunning images. It is also handy with intimate situations like the dressing room photos. Brides would feel a lot more relaxed with women photographers around.

When it comes to maternity shoots, it’s a similar scenario. For instance, having to expose their bellies in front of male photographers may make some women uncomfortable which would have detrimental effects on the photos. To capture the most natural and pure images, having a woman photographer helps.

It’s true that women can empathise with other women better. But they also have a maternal instinct that gives them an edge over male photographers when it comes to infant photography. The photographer has to be able to make infants laugh, gain their trust, and patiently capture images.

For many decades, women were told to ‘act like a man’ to progress with their careers. But now is the time for women to use their femininity as a strength. Here at KKSTUDIO, we have women photographers as part of our team, and you can request for one if you like.

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Suphanida Thakral

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