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8 steps to brand your wedding

Updated: Feb 13, 2018

The power of branding is more or less undisputed. But when it comes to weddings, we tend to associate it with the romantic union of two souls rather than a corporate brand building event. Perhaps that’s because we don’t quite understand what a brand is?

A brand is simply a story. It can, and indeed should, be incorporated into a wedding to tie everything together. When you have a story, your big day will feel more special and memorable. So, let’s go through the steps KKSTUDIO can take in helping you brand your wedding!


A wedding logo is a symbol that reflects your personality as a couple. You can combine your initials or craft up something more creative! Far from being a modern invention, a logo is akin to age-old family coat of arms and will act as a nice seal to wedding stationery.

2. ‘Save the dates’

Both a practical necessity and an aesthetically pleasing addition, ‘save the date’ e-invites should go on your list! By sending them out ASAP, you’ll allow guests plenty of time to plan their schedules. You can even send reminders! Go ahead and have fun with an elaborate photo shoot while you’re at it!

3. Websites, Social Media & e-invites

For the super keen bean, you can design a website & social media pages documenting your journey as a couple to your wedding day! It’ll be like your scrapbook, with photos and little anecdotes, to share with your loved ones. This can also act as a template for an e-invite. What better way to make your guests feel involved and invested?

4. Trousseau Packers

Have you heard the phrase ‘first impressions create a lasting impression’? Coordinate the design of your trousseau packers with the wedding theme, pick your favourite colours, and seal it with your logo. And voila, the feel of your wedding is instantly elevated! Use it for personal storage (Indian brides have a lot of bits & bobs to transport) or as little gift hampers for guests!

5. Banners & Photobooth Props

When the big day finally arrives, you want all your hard work to pay off. Banners and photo booth props are one of the first things that your guests will notice. Do you want them to have a bit of fun taking selfies at your event? Or perhaps go ‘aw, that’s so them!’ when they first step into the venue? Bring your vision to life with carefully designed banners and photo booth props!

6.Custom #hashtags & Live feed

Your guests (and perhaps those who couldn’t make it) will be spending a lot of time on social media so why not integrate your wedding into that as well? We can help you generate a custom hashtag and post a steady flow of stunning content. Another optional extra is to project this as a live feed during the event. It’s your wedding day after all, you’re allowed to go all out!


While there are sure to be a plethora of photos and clips online, it’s sometimes nice to have something physical to hold onto. There’s nothing like cuddling up and flipping through the glossy pages of a beautifully designed photo book. We’ll help you select photos that capture your emotions and transports you back to the day.

8. Wedding Newspaper

Every major event is featured on the front page of a newspaper. For you, your wedding day is no doubt one of the most important days of your life. Although a ‘picture is worth a thousand words’, that doesn’t mean that words are not powerful. If you’d like to be a trendsetter, why not publish a wedding newspaper that will recap all of the key moments at your wedding?

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